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Created by: Josh
Race: Human
First Appearance: Episode 3

Ugla is a powerful female wizard that was the first female wizard of Daranos. She wears a beard made from the fur of furbeetles (later, this may have turned into a real beard). Her wand is made from an old, haunted tree's dick. She owns and rides in a magical, lowrider, horseless cart. Ugla's name comes from the famous, cumly pyromancer Ugla Jizzinstein. She is married to Sid, The Rogue. She has a sword called 'The Menstruator’. She is friends with Fred, Buffcat, and Flyman. She is slightly responsible for the rise of Queen Axwound.

Ugla can be found in Episode 3, Episode 7, Episode 11, Episode 16, Episode 17, Episode 18, Episode 22, Episode 25, Episode 38, Episode 45, Episode 52, Episode 57.