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Artwork by Captain-Garchomp
Created by: Dom
Race: Barbarian
First Appearance: Episode 1

A barbarian in traditional barbarian garb (loincloth, black metal hair, etc. Though he has worn clothes made of bears, demon bears, bear sorcerers, and ultimate bear sorcerers). He has the word "Unfuckwitable" written across his chest at all times. Throm has incredible strength and a love for weapons, he will often kill without hesitation to acquire a new weapon, find a place for shelter, or for more trivial reasons. Throm loves meat pies (which are the only thing he will pay for). Throm generally hates anyone that wields magic. He currently wields Oforrokth, The Skull Harvester, after breaking The Ax-Staff against a wizard's tower. Danith Forgeron says the name Throm is associated with the death ideal.

Abilities and Feats:

Throm is rarely affected by pain. He can drop-kick like no other, actually surprising corpses back to life with his kick's severity. Throm has drop-kicked an entire army. His fists have the power to explode stone walls and decapitate people (His uppercut is responsible for Balnikar, The Severed's headlessness). He mad dogged a man till he micturated in his own shorts. He once summoned a meteor from space using the ax-staff to crush a Lich. He leg dropped an entire alchemist tower, turning the structure into rubble. Throm has the ability to verbally harass gods to obtain what he wants (though he uses this ability infrequently).

Throm can be seen in Episode 1, Episode 4, Episode 10, Episode 20, Episode 21, Episode 22, and Episode 38