Sir Encrusted Gemini

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Sir Encrusted Gemini
Artwork by superphil-sh
Created by: Dom
Race: Elf
First Appearance: Episode 63

Sir Encrusted Gemini was an elf who crazy-loved gold. He lived in Telandriel. His naughty self was crazy-bad. He died while trying to crazy-fuck some gold. His family insignia is a golden heart with a black dagger through it. He had gold blood, and gold everything else. He was killed by the dwarven friend of Stinky. His story of gold-fucking story was so bizarre that all people throughout Orcspire learn about him which would lead to a (possibly-not-canon) prosperous era for Orcspire. He now haunts the guard who betrayed him, Dale Windbeam. As a ghost, he's still crazy-bad. He is evil friends with Mizmerald.

Count Encrusted Gemini

The ghost of Sir Encrusted haunted Dale Windbeam and made him, with the help of Mizmerald, resurrect him into a dracula. He goes by the name of Count Encrusted Gemini and wants to suck and fondle all the world's gold.

Sir Encrusted Gemini can be found in Episode 63, Episode 67, Episode 68, Episode 69.