Sid the Rogue

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Sid the Rogue
Created by: Josh
Race: Troll
First Appearance: Episode 7

Sid, The Rogue is a scrapbook loving troll rogue. He is also an assassin, badass. He is married to Ugla. His daggers are called Knarlock: Deathfister of the Seven Kings of Daranos and the Deathvoid, and Lil’ Pointy. He always has a corpse in his inventory to use as a decoy in an emergency. He wears cursed leather armor which he cannot remove. He has a brother named Kidd, The Crazed who doesn't remember him. Sid is friends with Fred, The Skullpeeler, Flyman, and Buffcat. He is currently being pursued by Queen Axwound. One of his great descendants is Ned Redskull, one of the 12 Most Powerful Viking Warriors.

Can be seen in Episode 7, Episode 11, Episode 16, Episode 17, Episode 18, Episode 21, Episode 22, Episode 25, Episode 30, Episode 38, Episode 43, Episode 45, Episode 49, Episode 52, Episode 57, Episode 62, Episode 64.