Radakast, The Wild Wizard

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Radakast, The Wild Wizard
Created by: Dom
Race: Demon
First Appearance: Episode 11

"Fuck off on a demons dick you bag of used Orc condoms!" --- Radakast to the Wizard Temple Principle, and also his first line, in Episode 11

Radakast, The Wild Wizard was a student at Wizard Temple University that never cared about the rules. He was in the 121st grade and had a too bad, too rad attitude. He had a black beard, wore a black leather jacket over his black cloak, and dawned black sunglasses to hide his many facial scars from his many battles. Something happened to his parents, but it's unknown to us what happened. Radakast is exceptionally quick with long-winded insults. Using a forbidden section from one of his text books he summoned a blue demon minion (named Phil), as well as a hoard of Hat Skeletons. When Radakast looked into the eyes of a Hat Skeleton, he saw unspeakable horrors, and he transformed into Radik, The Wycked Wizard. Radik is a more powerful, black eyed, horn having, more evil version of Radakast.

Abilities and Feats:

Radik can shoot a green beam from his finger that causes insanity.

Radakast/Radik can be found in Episode 11 and Episode 14.