Queen Axwound

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Queen Axwound
Created by: Josh
Race: Unknown
First Appearance: Episode 16

Queen Axwound, is a powerful, evil queen stirring up trouble in Daranos. She gave herself the title of queen when she used her powerful, magical broadsword to free herself from her boring, force marriage. She is gaining power throughout Daranos, but it is currently unknown what she will do with her power. Axwound is known for her ability to summon rage demons. She knows Ugla and Titseleaf. Two of her minions are the Snake Guide and Eric Von Deathkiller. She has the cursed tiara once worn by Shandra Everluck. She currently holds control over Zartal, The Dick's zombie horde. It's unknown if Queen Axwound is related to Biggles Von Axwound or if it's just a common surname. She is currently in a rivalry with Sid and Ugla (and by extension, the rest of their crew).

Princess Axwound can be found in Episode 16, Episode 28, Episode 29 and Episode 35, Episode 52.