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Orkakoth (Ork)
Created by: Dom
Race: It's complicated
First Appearance: Episode 5

Orkakoth was once know as Ork (it's orc with a 'k') and he was the leader of a small pack of goblins. Ork became obsessed with finding the rumored Rave Rubies. He took his band of goblins and ventured into a cave. The got lost due to the wacky antics of Salami, the goblin. Ork pleaded for help; in order to save his crew, the God of Cool Rad Beasts appeared turned him into a rock orc monster with batwings and legs of a wolf named Orkakoth. He met Thaddeus Thunderbeard and with his help was relieved of the curse. He gave Thad the Scepter of Waiving and he decides to venture further to find the Rave Rubies.

Orkakoth can be found in Episode 6.