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Created by: Dom
Race: Orc
First Appearance: Episode 12

"Find the beer." --- Korroth in Episode 12

Korroth was once an orc warrior, but after losing his family, he wanted his life to end. He was captured by ogres and sold to Snakebeasts and put in their snake mines within Blood Mountain (It's a god damn mountain that bleeds. Believe it!). Here he was given the name Korroth, The Maggot. He wears an eye patch over his scarred right eye, and his body is covered in callouses from being whipped. One day he was being harassed by Smoothbody, one of his slavers, and was forced into a weight lift-off. During this weightlifting trial, he caused a riot, and the slaves revolted against the Snakebeasts. Korroth led his new army deeper into the mines to confront their leader. The riot ended when Korroth fought Synthor and ran him out of the mines. Korroth later allowed himself, 22 Orcs, and Diamond to be captured by cave goblins. They were taken to a great cave arena where Man Jousting and fights to the death transpired. After entering the arena and refusing to take up arms against each other, Lord Bologna (the king of the cave goblins) commanded the Orcs to box. Korroth and the Orcs killed some cave goblin boxers, then avoided and took control of Frank Grind'Em's Grinders. Korroth mounted and rode a giant millipede named Big Toe, crushing audience members and Lord Bologna's guards. He then hurled a sword into Bologna's neck, killing him 17 hours later. Korroth fucking hates people who like slaves.

Abilities and Feats:

Korroth can bench press as much weight as possible. He wielded such a barbell like some Darth Maul shit, spinning it around his body to crush Snakebeasts. When Korroth was eaten by a blood demon, he punched his way out the creature's stomach. Korroth can punch people and implode their faces, sort of like a building that was being demolished. He can control and ride giant bugs (Though this may simply be how bugs work).

Korroth can be found in Episode 12 and Episode 52.