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Created by: Josh
Race: Skeleton
First Appearance: Episode 5

Gary (formerly Gary McHero) is just the nicest skeleton that works all over Daranos as a temporary assistant to those who summon him. He is 7ft tall and has died about 5 times. Approximately 200 years before he was a skeleton, he worked with Zafel, The Short. Gary told Zartal, The Dick he was killed by the Apple Knights for stealing apples, but it was later revealed that his body was consumed by a gelatinous cube while eating an apple. Gary has worked for The Undead Guild, and through the guild, he has worked for Zartal, Lady Chandra Everluck, and Princess Scarlett Johansson. Gary decided to dedicate his life to helping others after saving the life of a young Fred, The Skullpeeler. Fred gave him the title 'Gary, The Skeleman: Faithful Friend to All Adventurers.' He is not to be confused with Gari from Orcspire, who is probably his cousin or something.

Gary can be found in Episode 5, Episode 13, Episode 28, Episode 41, Episode 42, Episode 53.