Fred, The Skullpeeler

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Fred, The Skullpeeler
Created by: Josh
Race: Human
First Appearance: Episode 7

Fred, The Skullpeeler is Daranos' mightiest warrior. He is always up for a fight, he is also up for partaking in the company of a lady. His broadsword is called Orcfister, Slayer of the West. In the city of Grawl, he often goes to The Golden Hindquarters: Ass Emporium and Family Steakhouse where he eats a 72oz ox steak, earning him the title of 'Steak Daddy'. He has a clubhouse in an abandoned candle shop. Fred tends to get a lot of concussions, but his brain seems to work fine. He is friends with Sid, Ugla, Flyman, Buffcat, Raxnor, Crazenor, and Gregory. Fred is hungover frequently sometimes even double-hungover.

Fred, The Skullpeeler can be found in Episode 7, Episode 12, Episode 18, Episode 23, Episode 25, Episode 36, Episode 38, Episode 39, Episode 43, Episode 45, Episode 52, Episode 53, Episode 59.