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Artwork by Omegal Bagel
Created by: Josh
Race: Flyman
First Appearance: Episode 7

Once a powerful alchemist, Ozric Dibledorph was cursed by The Book of Cursed Curses and was transformed into Flyman, King of Sadness. Now, Flyman is pretty much useless, just crying acid tears all the time. Despite his crippling sadness, Flyman is friends with Sid, Ugla, Fred, The Skullpeeler, and Buffcat. Once, he had tits, but they fell off. He has access to suicide wands, but has never successfully used them. His life is so bad, it makes everybody else feel good about their lives.

Ozric Dibledorph's Achievements

Ozric Dibledorph had a full and successful life before being turned into the King of Sadness. He was Daranos' premier alchemist; he made much of his money creating Hiccup Potion and Karate Tonic. He was 207 years old before his transformation; it is unclear for how long he has been living as Flyman. Dude made Life his bitch, and fingered Life's best friend, Fate, so many times, you could smell the destiny on his fingers. He had a hot, booty-havin' wife, who would later marry the cursed book. Ozric helped the lizardmen become free to form their own society.

Flyman can be found in Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 11, Episode 14*, Episode 17, Episode 18, Episode 25, Episode 29, Episode 38, Episode 45, Episode 52, Episode 62, Episode 64.