Episode 6

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Episode 6
Special Guests: None
Writing Prompt: Mythical Beasts
Episode Link: Episode 6

This is the sixth episode of Fantasy Fiction and the prompt is mythical beasts. This episode we learn that Josh's weeks can be pretty boring. Dom also went to Disneyland, again.

Josh's Story

Title: Sharpface, The Eviscerator.

The story begins at sea, where a ghastly group of ghouls: a group of ghost pirates roaming the sea. The group is called Captain Whitebeard's Gnarly Ghost Patrol, and their goal is to master the waters. Captain Whitebeard is a ruthless tyrant who is the caused the death of the entire crew years earlier. Whitebeard knows he and his crew are tethered to the land of the living because of his past failures. Sharpface addresses his crew announces Casual Friday is canceled because they are finally going after Sharpface. Sharpface took both of Whitebeard's legs and half of his dick during a routine kayaking trip; he now has two peg legs and half a peg dick. The journey to white face begins by traveling through a group of slutty sirens; some tried to avoid the danger while others put on cologne and condoms made of bananas and candle wax. 69 hot, naked sirens present themselves. Some of the ghost drown because ghosts can't swim. Only half of the men make it to open water where they were sure to find Sharpface. They approach The Great Maw, a great whirlpool home to many magical creatures. Sharpface approaches and the crew poops their striped pirate pants. Sharpface is a giant spider with the head of a shark. It shoots thousands of teeth at the pirates. Whitebeard is paralyzed with fear. Some of the ghosts died and became double ghost. Sharpface fell onto the deck, seeming dead, only to have its body erupt with a hundred baby Sharpfaces which took over the boat. Whitebeard could do nothing.

Dom's Story

Title: Thaddeus Thunderbeard, and the Quest for the Scepter.

The story begins high up in the dwarven city of Stormscale, on Lightning Bolt Mountain, Thaddeus, a dwarven treasure hunter is seen lifting weights. Thad is buff and has a double braided beard and a ponytail. Thad rubs snow on his muscles. He does it again. After hours of snow rubbing, he was properly ready for treasure hunting. Thad is an orphan, having his dad eaten by a dragon and his mother eaten by two dragons. Thad had to teach himself many thing throughout his life, including the hammertair, a guitar made out of a two-handed hammer with a whammy bar. Thad is one of the most famous treasure hunters in the land; he is well liked because he tries to find treasure and return it to its rightful owners. His current quest to find the jewel encrusted Scepter of Waiving, a dwarven artifact, which can trick others into thinking the user is important, making them one of many things: king, vice king, Archhammerman, knife duke, or town friend. The rightful owners of the scepter is the poor town of Daldin, but it was stoled by Orkakoth. Orkakoth is a mythical beast, but he once was an orc named Ork. Ork was a leader of goblins. Ork was on the quest for his object of his desire, Rave Rubies. In his pursuit for the rubies he led his crew deep down into mines; they became very lost after hours of searching. They became even more lost when they were tricked by the loveable trickster Salami, the goblin. Ork pleaded to the gods to save his goblins, only to be tricked by Salami yet again. The God of Cool Rad Beasts appeared to Ork and lectured him on how there are no such thing as Rave Rubies, but he also decided to help him; in exchange for his crew's saftey, Ork was turned into one of the god's cool rad hybrids: this beast is Orkakoth. Thaddeus looks through his most wanted treasure which includes fake treasure, like super gold staff that glows dollar signs. Thad is in the location his maps led him to, but there was no entrance. A moon message leads Thad to a moon cave. Orkakoth was lying in the middle of the room on a pile of treasure. Thad threatens Orkakoth and then they begin to fight. Battle Keg music plays. During the scuffle, some knickknacks fall of the wall; Orkakoth gets madder. Orkakoth is mythically quick. As Orkakoth is about to strike down Thad, Thad points out Orkakoths green fingers. Orkakoth realizes he may still be Ork. He lets Thad go with the scepter. Orkakoth decides to go on a journey to find a way to reverse to his former self, a journey that would also be for Rave Rubies. Days later, Thaddeus returns to Daldin, where he is showered with "gold" coins; a Hammerfall song plays.

Canon Information

Dollar signs exist in Orcspire.