Episode 5

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Episode 5
Special Guests: None
Writing Prompt: Necromancy
Episode Link: Episode 5

This is the fifth episode of Fantasy Fiction and the prompt is necromancy. This episode begins with a reading of some negative reviews of the show.

Josh's Story

Title: Zartal, The Dick.

The story begins in The Woods Of Suffering, in a cabin which holds the laboratory of Zartal, The Dick. He studied necromancy at Martin Luther King Jr. Alchemy Community College. Zartal inherited his land from his great uncle Zebus, The Wize. Zartal is bored so he decides he must summon a helper to commit a nefarious act. He puts on Raider zubaz and prepares his summoning. He wants to summon someone really evil so he can win a Necromancy Emmy. Using necromacy and singing the Perfect Strangers theme, he summons Gary. The summoning creates a scary anomaly, which scares Zartal's dog, Muttly. Gary enters the house; Gary is a 7ft tall skeleton with rotting flesh hanging off his bones. Gary turns out to be super nice; he was sent from the Undead Guild. We learn Gary died because he stole some apples, and the Apple Knights killed him by hitting him in the back of the head with a mace. The two went straight to work on their evil plan. They work for weeks, but they complete their death machine: a drum set made of bones. Zartals plan is to play a drum solo which will raise the undead. Zartal plays for 7 hours. The entire peninsula is filled with the undead. Zartal doesn't want to do anything with his undead army, he just wanted to do something.

Dom's Story

Title: Worrock, The Necromancer.

The story begins the Forruk Forest, an evil forest, where Worrock in roaming for his weekly romp. Worrock is content living in solitude in Forruk. A distant voice call to Worrock. He find three skeleton; they are his friends Gari Jerri and Carl. Gari was his favorite skeleton; he named Gari, The Skeleton. The three were in a bind because the were jumped by bandits while playing bones ball. Jerri was hyping his exotic purple hat, so the bandits beat them up and stole his hat. As Worrock is about to help the skeletons, the bandits return to fuck shit up. The leader of the savages is Dude Buffmuscles; Dude does not like Worrock. The bandits begin elbow dropping Worrock. Dude eyes Worrock's dragon skeleton staff. Dude puts Gari's head between his knees and tombstones him into dust; Buff then pees on the remains. Outraged by these actions, Worrock counters the bandits and begins taking them out. Worrock scrapes one bandit's face, which precedes to melt off. After killing many bandits, Worrock began to fight Dude. Worrock put Dude on the ground, then Worrock summons a horrible bone creature. The rest of the bandits, covered in blood, walked home in shame. Worrock picks up the exotic hat and ride the beast home.

Canon Information

The Perfect Stranger theme originated in Daranos. Gary and Gari are not the some skeleton. Living by yourself is great, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.