Episode 46

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Episode 46
Special Guests: None
Writing Prompt: Origins and Shields
Episode Link: Episode 46

This is the forty-sixth episode of Fantasy Fiction and the prompt is Origins and Shields. Halloween again!

Josh's Story

Title: You son of a Mitch

This story takes place before all the other stories. Maybe in another dimension? We don´t know. In a tavern in Grawl, Sexdusa the centaur stripper is showing of both sets of her tits. Mitch Cunning the barbarian is smoking wizard weed in the corner of the tavern when he is harrassed by three Orc rogues. Mitch killed the brother of their leader and is challenged to a bonecar drag race. Mitch uses his 69 Bonecharger while the rogue drives a Pontiac Bonerville. The race starts as soon as Sexdusas bra pops off.

Dom's Story

Title: The tale of hot Hallowmoon Nights

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