Episode 4

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Episode 4
Special Guests: None
Writing Prompt: Tavern Tales
Episode Link: Episode 4

This is the forth episode of Fantasy Fiction and the prompt is tavern tales. Both writers bought a 40 as to spice up their reading of their stories. Before reading their stories, Dom read a fan story about Wiz Ard.

Josh's Story

Title: Slerg, The Bashful (A Most Beautiful Love Story).

The story begins in The Green Titty Tavern; the tavern is host to man and orc alike. The tavern is named after a slain dragon named Titzilla. Corf, The Queef, Razmor, The Quiet, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are all patrons at the Green Titty. One more visitor to the bar was Slerg, The Bashful. Slerg is a regular at this bar ever since he was three, the legal/required age for trolls to drink. Slerg is "enjoying" his "free time" from his job at the Pain Mines. When visiting the bar, Slerg grew a crush on Janice, The Bootyqueen, a medusa centaur bartender. He can't muster the confidence to talk to Janice. After some time he walks over to her only to be interrupted by Joey Pizza. Joey pizza is loud, drunk, and obnoxious. Pizza embarrases Slerg. Pizza pushed Slerg into an orc spittoon, which is where orcs J in others' mouthes, then they spit into the spittoon. Janice then grabs Joey and turns him to stone. She then reaches out to Slerg, they are caught under a bit of Titsltoe. BUT THEN, Slerg is awoken by a man shitting in the bathroom; Slerg was daydreaming the entire time. Sullen about his situation, Slerg goes home and jerks it, like, 10 times.

Dom's Story

Title: The Tale of The Mutilated Warg Tavern.

One cold rainy day, Girk is in The Mutilated Warg Tavern, which he owns. A large forces enters the tavern from the storm outside; the force is Throm. Throm wants 17 beers. Girk asks Throm to leave, but he declines. Girk wants Throm to leave because black wizards of the great mountain, Dracour, are in the bar for their monthly game night. Throm approaches the wizards and forces himself into the game. The game is called Ragic: The Quest For The Spelldragon, a game cursed for all who play it. Throm kills one wizard to solidify his place at the table. A buff black wizard comes out of the bathroom and notices the dead wizard, Jeffery. The buff wizard is revealed to be Colfrax, the leader of the group of wizards. Throm is allowed to play because he is inexperienced and Jeffery payed his 25 Wizard Token entry fee. Wizard tokens are a secret wizard currency and Throm almost find out about it. They begin playing, but Throm is impatient and plays out-of-turn. Throm deems himself the victor, which angers the wizards. Throm kills the wizards as they attack him. Colfrax was able to escape with only a handful of his group. Throm then sits, tired from the drinking and killing; he proclaimed he is 'UNFUKWITABLE,' then fell asleep.