Episode 35

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Episode 35
Special Guests: None
Writing Prompt: Beast Masters and Magic Chests
Episode Link: Episode 35

This is the thirty fifth episode of Fantasy Fiction and the prompts are Beast Masters and Magic Chests. This week Josh watched some Jackie Chan movies: Drunken Master and Project A. In memory of Dio, Dom got into Rainbow.

Josh's Story

Title: Animals Are People Too

After helping his neighbors, Mitch Beastman goes on a quest to stop an evil cannibal witch to the East prompted by a familiar snake. He is aided by his animal companions, Lenny and Lenny 2. Riding an Ice Eagle to the East on a witchhunt, the eagle calls a mate and they get a nasty mid-air bone sesh goin' on. In a fatal landing that killed both Ice Eagles, Mitch and co reach the witch. The witch soon reveals the snake for the GD liar that he is, as well as her "unfortunate" affliction; which caused her bust to grow every time she cast a spell. Mitch and the actually good vegan witch fall for eachother before slow-dancing to the moon. It is then revealed that the snake was working for Queen Axwound.

Dom's Story

Title: Showdown at Goretusk

An epic rivalry begins in Orcspire.

The Goretusk Highlands are the ruins of a great war where nowadays theres non-stop action 24/7. Rip Grizzlecut, the wizard was chilling in his tower after fighting off a siege of Bat Beasts when an owl delivered him an anonymous taunt. After chasing and slaying the bitch-ass owl and taking a bite, he knew who had sent the owl. The Beast Master, Fowind Thorn. The two have a showdown, leading to Rip killing a bear who jumped in the way of a blast aimed at Fowind. The fight progressed to bare-knuckle boxing and DBZ fighting. Before a victor could be determined, an Orc spirit interrupts, telling them they have entertained the spirits of the fallen warriors of the Goretusk Highlands. He then requests that they suspend their fight, so the spirits can watch again at some later time. In return, they gift Fowind and Rip a chest full of Ogrechill Ale.