Episode 3

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Episode 3
Special Guests: None
Writing Prompt: Wizards
Episode Link: Episode 3

This is the third episode of Fantasy Fiction and the prompt is Wizards.

Josh's Story

Title: Ugla, The First Female Wizard of Daranos.

Ugla wanted to become a wizard, but Daranos only allowed old men to become wizards. She applied to go to Wizard Yale many time, but failed each time. To get in, she disguised herself as a man. Ugla was named after the famous Ugla Jizzinstein, and she shares her good looks. She crafts a beard out of furbeetles. She is accepted into Wizard Yale via her talking stone. Dean Mizerman meets Ugla at the front gate of Wizard Yale; he knew she has a she. Ugla battles the dark wizards of Mizerman. Ugla turns some wizards into Gary Coleman. She defeats the dark wizards. The final battle is a one-on-one strip off between Dean Mizerman and Ugla. Ugla is victorious by transmogrified a dick on her body; the dean jizzed/exploded. Ugla didn't even need to go to Wizard Yale because she is so powerful (later canon would show that she did attend the school for some time).

Dom's Story

Title: Frightnore, The Wizard.

The story begins with Frightnore enjoying some Wizard Weed in the dark night sky with his friend Superfangs. Superfangs traded his weed for lighting wings, which were pretty cool. Slorgman, the head guard, comes to ruin Frightnore's good time. Superfangs electrocutes some of Slorgman's guards and turns them into skeleton warriors. As more guards swarm Frightnore's wizard tower, he exclaims, "It's motherfucking wizarding time." Frightnore uses his famous staff to battle the guards. Superfangs flies away and causes many forest fires. One guard was punched in the head and he turned to dust. Frightnore sends other guards into a black hole. Slorgman sentenced Frightonre to death; this caused frightnore to turn into his wolf form. Frightnore killed most of the guards. Slorgman threes himself: pees and poops. Frightnore kills Slorgman by pulling out his heart and smoked his heart. Legalize it.

Canon established

Wizards ride brooms.