Episode 2

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Episode 2
Special Guests: None
Writing Prompt: Weapon Tales
Episode Link: Episode 2

This is the second episode of Fantasy Fiction and stars only Dom and Josh. The prompt that they are both working from is to write the history of a weapon. Dom credits Amon Amarth 'Twilight of the Thunder God' and Blind Guardian's 'Nightfall in Middle Earth' with inspiration for his tale.

Josh's Story

Title: The Dracula-Tooth Ma$e of Bloodletting

Josh's story focuses on the Dracula-Tooth Mace(stylized Ma$e) of bloodletting. Josh's story is constructed like a Wikipedia entry. The history mace is shrouded in mystery, to look directly at the mace causes explosive blood diarrhea. Nobody knows who forged it but some texts say how it was formed, though the texts are difficult to read as they are written in the form of hot dudes boning, the spikes of the mace are from the teeth of a thousand Draculas. The mace's original craftsman had kissed the teeth from the Draculas, the only known way to obtain their teeth. The steel that makes up the rod and ball was chemically recycled from the swords of the 12 Most Powerful Viking Warriors. The wooden handle of the mace was made from the broom handle of the most evil witch in the land Dildoa. The mace has only one true special power, to suck the life force from it's victims. At the Battle of the Bog, Darryl used the mace and killed over 10,000 bog slaves, single-handedly winning WWII. Prior to this the mace was wielded by a dark knight from New Jersey this is why New Jersey is a cursed Earth. The mace could possibly still be in New Jersey and possibly in the possession of the Jersey Devil.

Dom's Story

Title: Durgrel, The Wicked Badass Cleaver of Body Chopping

Sherkul,King of the Western Orcs of Orcspire, was looking to increase his legend throughout the land. In order to achieve this he would need to upgrade his regular ass longsword. He had acquired his longsword long ago at a yard sale, he purchased it from a wizard that was looking to sell the weapon after realizing he had no time to teach himself how to effectively use it. Sherkul traded a few pieces of gold and some erotic orc drawings, for which he was well known. Sherkul decided the time was right to have his own weapon forged. He ordered his troops to dig to hell as that was where he wanted the weapon crafted. After a few hours of digging the orcs discovered atheism and adapted it widely, so they no longer believed in hell. As a result of this it was decided that the weapon would be forged in the forge where weapons were usually forged. When the were about to begin forging the weapon Sherkul's finest warrior, Durgrel, stepped forward and demanded his bones be melted down and made part of the weapon so that he could be forever with Sherkul. Sherkul was not pleased as he was his greatest warrior but before he could be stopped Durgrel jumped into the forge. The blacksmiths worked for days and soon the weapon was finished, the blade had a sick black swirl effect that looked like smoke on the edge and was sharp enough to cut through 6 bodies at a time. The cleaver was topped with Durgrel's skull which did not melt down nor turn to ash. The blacksmiths agreed it was badass. Shurkel used the weapon in his next battle, cutting down enemies 6 at a time. The weapon absorbed their energy making Sherkul unstoppable. In the end nobody could recall what the battle was being fought over, kinda makes you think don't it?

Canon established

After Dom's story Josh declares everything that happened in both stories was now considered canon.

Important to note, this is the first mention of the now classic "Keep on Wizardin'".