Episode 18

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Episode 18
Special Guests: None
Writing Prompt: Elves, Nog, and Ghosts
Episode Link: Episode 18

This is the eighteenth episode of Fantasy Fiction and the prompt is Elves, Nog, and Ghosts. This is a holiday episode! Josh got drunk at a party. Dom went to Philadelphia to visit family.

Josh's Story

Title: Annual Celebration Festival Allotment of Time

We begin in Daranos on the special holiday; Annual Celebration Festival Allotment of Time. Fred, The Skullpeeler, Sid, and Ugla decided to throw a party in their clubhouse. It was going to be a bumpin night. Axel did a fly over/jizz over. Buffcat wore his magical holiday sweater. Crazenor brought some haunted, delicious Ghostnog. He was also holding a meadstein. Then there was the forever sad Flyman heard he and his wife's song, No Diggity. He drinks some ghostnog and heads to the roof to kill himself. Before he can jump, he transports to Ugla's alchemy lab. Here, the Elf of Timelessness appears. The elf want to show Flyman what he has to live for. Flyman realizes he is viewing a day in his past where he accidentally gave himself big, giant, sweet tits. Sid and Ugla laughed and applauded him. Flyman didn't like this due to sexual cinfussion it caused hum. The elf and Flyman then transported to Flyman's wedding day, before his wife left him. =( Flyman gets super sad. Flyman and the elf then return to the party. The elf then yells at Flyman and says he can't even suicide right. The elf disappeared and Flyman sipped his nog and returned to the party.

Dom's Story

Title: A Holiday Tale

It was the holiday time in Orcspire and all was quiet at the Wizard Mountain mountain range. It was the time of Winter's Moon Eve. Santaman is the order keeper of this holiday. Biff Swiftdagger is seen trekking through the snow, looking for treasure. He summons some bears to groom him; during him grooming, he reads Bear/Duck Magazine.On this night, he is searching for Trip Bingleheimer long lost hideout. After looking at his map for a bit (using a summoned bird which helps read maps), Biff summons a parliament of owls to fly him to his destination. He flies into the skull entrance to the lair and makes the owls poop in the skull's mouth. A magic head knocker on the entrance door asks Biff to solve a riddle to enter, but Biff has none of that and destroys the door. Biff enters the old halls. Some spiders were rehearsing for a play; Sergio better get his lines right. An orc battlemage by the name of Terrence Boulderboy woke from his guard post. Biff was bored of Terrance and tried to wake the beings of the halls. Biff then kills a honry skeleton. Then Biff tries to beat up a ghost, couldn't do it, drank some magic nog, then successfully beat up the ghost. Biff the nrealizes he is missing out on some major sex time, so he leaves to do sex. The narrator then says some nice words.

Chamber of Knowledge

Q1: What is the most popular sex move in your lands?

A1: Daranos: Purple Jelly Moon, Parachute Pants DP, and the Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Orcspire: The Swinging Guards Pike and the Backwards Goblin Back Troll Girl.

Q2: What are the best sights to see in your realm?

A2: O: The Orcspire. D: The largest ball of yarn, aka, the left nut of a yarn giant.

Q3: How do you soothe a raging orc?

A3: D: BOGO sales! O: A song. Take a little trip to the Pain Mines baby.

Q4: Favorite form of travel?

A4: Snickerdoodle: Wizard Hangglider. Reeses: Anything that goes to the pussy.

Q5: What's the biggest, baddest thing you've ever killed?

A5: R: Yo momma's pussy. S: His Wizard Temple University final exam.

Q6: What are the favorite lullabies in your lands?

A6: S:Take a little trip to the Pain Mines baby. Snickerdoodle says he'd never leave for any reason; Reeses reveals Snickerdoodle lame legs. Reeses then sings Snickerdoodle to sleep.

Canon Information

Flyman may have acid-pee, but canon tbd. Trip Bingleheimer never would do any thieving on Dudesday.