Episode 1

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Episode 1
Special Guests: None
Writing Prompt: None
Episode Link: Episode 1

This is the first episode of Fantasy fiction and stars Josh and Dom. This episode had different themes for each writer. Josh's themes were a guy named Darryl and a staff of orc taint. Dom's themes were a looking glass of dicks and Fleetwood Mac the gnome.

Josh's Story

Title: Fantasy Fiction Episode 1: The Adventure of Darf and Kevin

Josh's story involved the adventure of Darf and Kevin on their journey to become men. The story begins with both Darf & Kevin obtaining their weapons (the staff of orc taint & the Pantera sword respectfully). Their first obstacle was the Murkey Woods, which was guarded by a sleeping elf slut maiden. The slut maiden was quickly dispatched with the sword of Pantera, which caused her to twerk uncontrollably allowing them to pass. The next trial involved a valley of shitty ass orcs. Darf used his staff or orc taint to cause the orcs to bone uncontrollably. At the end of the journey they entered the Vulva Cave, where they found Darf's mom having sex with Kevin's father (on his power scooter).

Dom's Story

Title: Throm's Cave Journey.

Dom's story begins with Throm's quest to find a magical looking glass for a wizard. Soon Throm punches the wall of a cave in frustration to reveal a magical gnome (Fleetwood Mac). Fleetwood Mac gives Throm the Looking glass (after pulling it out from behind throms ear). Throm soon realizes the Looking glass adds giant detailed dick to anything the wearer looks at. Throm then chops Fleetwood in half with his axe. Throm then delivers the looking glass back to the wizard who then destroys it. The wizard then pays Throm with nude picks of himself.