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Artwork by Josh Howell
Created by: Dom
Race: Orc
First Appearance: Episode 12

Diamond is an orc and was a slave in the Snake Mines. During the riots that led to the slaves' freedom, he was the sickest breakdancing slave. Diamond is revealed to have remained with Korroth and his gang of freed slaves who allowed themselves to be recaptured and forced to participate in Lord Bologna's arena events. As soon as Big Toe, the giant millipede, emerged from a grate in the arena floor, Diamond began doing capoeira to "Boom! I Got Your Boyfriend" by MC Luscious. As Diamond transitioned from traditional to experimental capoeira, a yellow aura could be seen forming around him which caused Big Toe to begin doing the best worm. Diamond: krumps like a madman, can do legendary dickstands. He is a famous R&B artist in Orcspire.

Diamond can be found in Episode 12, Episode 46.5: Bonus Episode, and Episode 52.