Darf and Kevin

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Darf and Kevin
Artwork by HopChalk
Created by: Josh
Races: Bog Slave & Wood Elf
First Appearance: Episode 1

Darf & Kevin are two teenagers who appeared in Josh's story in Episode 1.


Darf is a piece of shit bog slave who lived in a low income bog under the evil Bog King Darryl. Darf hated his step dad (whom he called his mothers husband). He wielded the staff of Orc Taint.


Kevin is a Druid wood elf and the son of the bog's Truant Guardian. He was interested in becoming a warrior in far away lands to get "Mad Jap Pussy". Kevin had a bone sword that never stopped playing Pantera. He received the sword from his father, who had no use for it being disabled and having to ride a power scooter.