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Artwork by Steff Bomb
Created by: Josh
Race: Buffcat
First Appearance: Episode 12

Buffcat is a powerful, feline warrior with human proportions. His muscles are as huge as his face is cutie and kissable. He is seven years old. He has claws of death metal and a morning star/flail for a tail. It seems that Buffcat is an heir to a royal cat family. His wife was killed by bandits and he has children that he doesn't know about. Buffcat is friends with Sid, Ugla, Fred, and Flyman.

Reeses, The Wize said Buffcat has a '13' tattooed on his chest to indicate he was a litter of one, using the space of a possible 13 kittens, but this seems to be untrue because Buffcat had a brother, the Cat King. It is unclear whether or not the tattoo exists.

Buffcat can be seen in Episode 12, Episode 15, Episode 17, Episode 18, Episode 20, Episode 21, Episode 22, Episode 25, Episode 38, Episode 46, Episode 49, Episode 69.