Balnikar, The Severed

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Balnikar, The Severed
Created by: Dom
Race: Undead
First Appearance: Episode 20

Balnikar, The Severed is an evil sorcerer. He wields a white staff called Dope Caster 2000. His head is impaled upon the staff, perpetually dripping blood. He's the evilest sorcerer this side of the Mississtitty. He is infamous for convoluted murdering, so much so he is continually harassed by vengeance-seeking family members. He was beheaded by Throm in Duldan; Balnikar would later summon a blood demon to help him kill Throm. He has been killed by Throm twice, immediately being resurrected both times.

Balnikar, The Severed can be found in Episode 20, Episode 21 and Episode 28.